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Pre-Buying and Cafe Benchmarks CD


Discover the pre-buying cafe benchmarks you need to pay attention to when deciding which cafe to buy.

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Pre-Buying and Cafe Benchmarks

The Pre-Buying and Cafe Benchmarks CD was recorded during a Live Cafe Coach training event.

The CD contains information on what you need to be looking for when deciding on buying a cafe business – whether it’s your first or fifth time buying a cafe.

Find out why it’s important to know your cafe setup costs and the type of cafe you are going to buy or start yourself.

Get insights into the Pros and Cons of buying an established cafe business when you’re new to the cafe industry.

The Cafe Coach discusses the cafe benchmarks you need to know when buying a cafe and so much more.

This CD is for anyone considering buying their first cafe and those coffee shop owners & cafe entrepreneurs wanting to expand their cafe business.

Cafe Entrepreneurs Insights Series

This audio CD is from the Cafe Entrepreneurs Insights Series. The series contains valuable practical business information for cafe and coffee shop owners who want to “turn around” a poorly performing cafe, build a popular and successful cafe or simply for people interested in the behind the scenes operations of cafe businesses.

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