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Know The Industry: An Owner’s Mindset CD


Get a better understanding of the cafe industry and the mindset needed to be a successful cafe entrepreneur.

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Know The Industry: A Cafe Owner’s Mindset

The Know The Industry: An Owner’s Mindset CD was recorded during a Live Cafe Coach training event.

The CD contains information on what you need to know about the cafe industry and how you need to be thinking about business to be a successful coffee shop entrepreneur.

The Cafe Coach gets straight to the point in her candid discussions about the realities of the industry and the best way to approach cafe ownership.

From the dream of being a cafe entrepreneur and the freedom it can offer to the reality of making more money and working less in your own cafe business. The Cafe Coach breaks down the myths and talks about the practicalities.

Revealing real life stories about cafe owners and how they succeeded. This CD includes valuable information about having “a marketing mindset”.

This CD is for anyone concerned about the high rate of cafe closures during the first year of operations; giving you practical advice on to how avoid being one of them.

Cafe Entrepreneurs Insights Series

This audio CD is from the Cafe Entrepreneurs Insights Series. The series contains valuable practical business information for cafe and coffee shop owners who want to “turn around” a poorly performing cafe, build a popular and successful cafe or simply for people interested in the behind the scenes operations of cafe businesses.

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