“Doubled sales within one week and tripled in the last 2 weeks”

Miny Alemayeha cafe entrepreneur and Cafe Coach student

I was frustrated with the money I was making

Miny Alemayeha – Café Entrepreneur

I invested into a coffee van business for a change of lifestyle. In the first month of operating, it was difficult to get the business going through just cold calling.

I was frustrated with the money I was making. I was also stressed with the constant knock backs from the customers saying no. I wanted to get new customers and improve my sales but don’t know how.

I was referred by a friend to see Rita Zhang, the Café Coach. I’m so glad I did. Rita gave me ideas on how to approach customers, what to say, how to get them to buy, how to introduce add-on products such as muffins and Danish, etc.

I also learned a lot from the professional coffee class, which I thought I knew everything. I learned how to clean the coffee machine properly and on how to improve the quality of my coffees.

Within the first week of implementing these new ideas, I got many more new customers and I doubled my daily sales. I was surprised and couldn’t believe the fast results. Within the 2nd week, my daily sales tripled and I kept getting more customers and they are buying more. It was like a dream becoming true.

Rita took me out of the frustrations and out of my comfort zone. She showed me what’s really possible with my business.

I was rapt with the results and I think the coaching fee is well worth it. If you are thinking of buying a coffee van or a coffee shop, you must talk to Rita first. She could save or make you lots of money.

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