How To SAVE Thousands of Dollars When Starting A Cafe

The 11 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make When Buying a Cafe or Coffee Shop!

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Free Report reveals The 11 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make When Buying a Café or Coffee Shop!

  • Get the insider know-how you need to avoid becoming a café failure statistic
  • Be armed with the tricks of the trade to succeed in the coffee industry
  • How to add $50,000 in your back pocket …Fast
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This Is For You!

If you already own a café

How would you like to make your business better, work less, add an extra $21,528 in your back pocket in 89 days only spending $440 like café owners Peter and Joanne did — regardless of whatever’s going on in the economy, the weather, the location etc.

If you are new to café industry

Then I can save you a huge amount of trial-and-error pain and suffering, and get you to your dream fast.

If you have a café and thinking of selling

It’s more important you learn how to add fast profits and groom your café to sell for much more than what you had hoped for.

Even if you don’t own a café

Even if you don’t own a café, but are involved in the café/restaurant industry – a chef, a barista, a manager etc – I can show you how to increase your earning potential to 2-3 times of what your currently earn.

11 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Buying a Cafe or Coffee Shop

The 11 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make When Buying a Cafe or Coffee Shop!

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Hi, my name is Rita Zhang. You’ve probably heard of me or read some of my café building material. I have helped over a hundred people to successfully buy, build and sell their coffee shops and I’d like to share with you some of The Shocking Truth about the café industry that 95% Café Owners Don’t Know…

  • FACT: According to industry statistics, 70% of Cafés fail in the first year. Yet many of the lucky 30% who made it to their second year don’t even know what they did right.

  • FACT: Cafés change hands on average every 2-3 years. Anecdotal evidence suggests that in major cities in the Central Business District where competition is fierce, it is every 12-18 months.

  • FACT: Over 50% of businesses for sale in the newspaper are food-related. This indicates the level of fierce competition and the tough nature of the hospitality industry.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn.

  • How Buying on Emotions can cause you to lose thousands of dollars.

  • By applying the “Pre-Buy Formula” can prevent you from paying too much in your café or coffee shop.

  • Avoid making offers based on the asking price and start paying the true value!

  • Know the difference between a good lease and a bad one.

  • Finding the hidden problems that can cause you headaches before you buy.

  • … and 6 more!

Cafe Coach - Rita Zhang

5 Reasons Why YOU should listen to my advice?

  1. I’ve spent over $100,000 on my education and business development and I spend at least $40,000 a year to stay current.
  2. I’ve dealt with over a hundred of business brokers and real estate agents; know the inside secrets that they desperately don’t want you to know.
  3. You are learning from someone who’s been there, done that but also helped many other people.
  4. You are going to learn from someone who walks the talk.
  5. I am passionate about helping you to achieve your goals and dreams by teaching you the effective strategies I use every day.

Have you ever said this to yourself?

“My Café is great! My coffee and food is good and staff friendly. But why aren’t more customers coming through the door?” You know what? I understand how frustrating you must be feeling. I’ve been there. You know you make great food and coffee. You smile to each customer coming through the door and give them the best service you possibly can. You work long hours and constantly monitoring quality of food. Yet you still don’t make the money you deserve. Guess what? The old industry line “If you serve great food people will beat a path to your door” is not longer true. In today’s extreme competitive, cut throat café business, nobody is beating a path to anybody’s door. Like it or not, the brutal truth is…

Making big money in a cafe is NO LONGER about making food or operating a café. It’s all about the marketing of your business and how well you market your café.

I know this shouldn’t be true but it is. You can fight it and go broke OR you can CHANGE! The choice is yours. If you can make this giant mindset shift, you are already one step ahead of your competitors.

The 11 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make When Buying a Café or Coffee Shop!

If you learn the secrets about how to market your business and apply these ideas, you will be guaranteed to knock the socks off your competitors! And this Free Report will teach you how.

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