“Doubled coffee sales in one year and increase 20% takings”

Kevin Lin cafe entrepreneur and Cafe Coach student

We had a lot of problems when we took over the shop

Kelvin & Ju-Fen Lin – Café Avist in North Melbourne

We bought our café in Sept 2006 not knowing anything about the café industry.

We had a lot of problems when we took over the shop. The main headache was the staff.

We inherited the staff from the previous owners and they didn’t like the way we ran our business. They gave us all sorts of problems and often made fun of us in front of the customers.

We wanted to get rid of them but were scared it might affect our business. They knew how to make coffees, sandwiches and knew all the regular customers.

Then we had to learn all the cooking in the kitchen. The café was busy but it was chaotic! We felt exhausted, stressed and unhappy. Mostly we felt out of control.

That was when we asked for Rita’s help. We attended the coffee making classes straight away so we can work on the coffee machine. Rita helped us with a plan to replace these staff. She helped us through the tough times when we were under staffed. She helped us to re-design our menu, gave us supplier details, advised us on the improvement of the general set up of the shop.

It’s been more than one year. We now have happy staff and customers and work is fun. We have doubled our coffee sales in this time and our weekly taking has increased by 20%.

I know a lot of café owners out there are experiencing similar problems. I am happy to talk to anyone who owns a café or is looking at buying a café and tell you our story so you don’t have to experience the headache and heartache we went through.

(You are welcome to visit our Café anytime but if you’d like to talk to us please call or visit between 3-5pm Mon to Fri)

Café Avist, 87 Flemington Rd, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Ph: 03 9329 0790

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