“We’ve added an extra 25% sale to our Espresso Bar operation”

Front of the Goosestep Cafe owned by Cafe Coach student Hayden Archer

Sales Increased by 25% in Two Months, While Everyone Else is Complaining about the Slow Winter Season and the Looming Recession

Hayden Archer – Goosestep Café

I manage a Rugby retail store with an Espresso Bar concept at the Rocks, Sydney. I didn’t have much experience in café operations.

I felt there were some improvements could be made to our Espresso Bar sales but didn’t know how. That’s when I visited the Cafebiz Expo in Sydney and found out about The Café Coach.

I decided to call on Rita’s professional advice straight away. Rita visited our store, gave me lots of ideas on how to improve our sales, provided me with supplier details so we can stock up our display fridge with pre-made sandwiches, foccacias, rolls, muffins and sweets. She even helped me to brush up my coffee making skills.

I’ve also learned from Rita on how to make and serve ice drinks like iced coffee, iced chocolate, iced drinks, milk shakes and smoothies.

Since implementing new lines of food, drinks and ideas, we’ve added an extra 25% sale to our Espresso Bar operation.

By incorporating these changes we were able to gain an advantage over our competitors, especially in the notoriously quiet winter months. All of the success came before we even had the chance to implement all the marketing strategies suggested to us by Rita!

I intend to use these ideas in the next couple of months. I am very confident when the summer arrives; our sales are going to continue improving.

I am very happy with the results and the coaching fee was a good investment. If you need an expert in café building, marketing advice and fast results, you need to speak to Rita, the Café Coach.

Goosestep Café, 2/140 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Ph: 02 9241 5955

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