Frequently Asked Questions about the Professional Barista Course

You might still have some questions and that’s fine… so here are many of the most frequently asked questions about the course here for you.

Become A Professional Barista

The Top 3 skills you must know to become a Professional Barista

  1. You need to make a killer coffee every time Look, first you need to know what a great coffee should look like and taste like. Then you need to know how to make them right every time. Your customer comes back for your coffee because they trust you can make the same quality coffee every time.
  2. How to impress your clients with your stunning latte art I still remember 7 years ago how impressed I was when I visited a well-known busy café. The Barista made me a take away coffee with the lid on, can you imagine my surprise when I took off the lid and saw a beautiful Rosetta underneath? I was very impressed! I have since gone back many times and told many people this story. Can you imagine if you will have the skills to pour latte art every time? You will soon build up a loyal client base.
  3. How to pump out multiple coffees that always look and taste great A professional Barista needs to pump out many coffees during coffee rush. So you need to be fast as well! When you can make coffees that look and taste great, and fast, that’s when you become a professional Barista that commands high pay and build up a loyal customer base. If you are buying or starting a cafe, or even own a cafe, this is how you build up a cafe. Click here for more info on cafe buying and building.
Barista making fresh coffee

Did you know?

  • “Barista” is the Italian name for a professional espresso coffee maker.
  • The Italian word “Barista” translates to “bartender” – a person who works behind a counter, serving drinks.
  • In Italy, it takes 4 years to become a Barista.
  • Baristas don’t make coffee, they “Create It”.
  • The World Barista Championships are the most prestigious competitions in the coffee world.
  • The best barista champions in the world are able to create 12 coffee drinks in 15 minutes – 4 espresso, 4 cappuccino and 4 signature coffee drinks for the judges.

Get paid top dollars $$ as a Barista... Watch Customers Queue Up For YOUR Coffees... Have Your Café Become THE Coffee Destination

About the Professional Barista Course

Attend this course and become a master coffee maker…

Who Should Attend this Course?

  • Do you love coffee and want to learn how to make coffee like a professional?
  • Are you considering buying a café and want to make the best coffee so you can make great profits in your business?
  • Do you want a career as a professional barista making great coffee’s that customers rave about?
  • Are you a café or restaurant owner looking for professional training for your staff in coffee making and barista skills?

You Will Learn

The Professional Barista Course will prepare you with the skills and knowledge needed to become a top Barista. Here’s what is covered in this intensive 2 session course – Session 1 – Professional Coffee Making (Duration: 4 hours)

  • Learn the history of coffee;
  • How coffee is grown, blended and roasted;
  • Learn how a good coffee should look, smell and taste;
  • Experience some great and bad coffee examples;
  • Learn to achieve a perfect extraction (under extraction is too weak/watery/sour, over extract means burnt/bitter coffee).
  • Discover why –
    • Why is milk so important?
    • What is the right milk temperature?
    • How to texture silky creamy milk?
  • What the different types of coffee served in a cafe are and how to make them;
  • How the espresso machine works and how to do basic maintenance tasks such as grind setting, dose setting and grind adjustment;
  • How to adjust an incorrect grind to achieve a perfect 30ml in 30 seconds extraction; and
  • How to clean and check equipment such as seal and shower screens;
  • PLUS real life hands-on practice on the coffee machines in our training room.

Session 2 – Introduction to Coffee Art (Duration: 2 hours)

  • How to practice advanced milk texturing;
  • How to create beautiful coffee art that will get people excited and talking about you;
  • Learn how to make artistic finishing touches to your expresso coffees; and
  • Impress your customers, family or friends with your creativity.

The Value You Gain

This 2-part course is run over one day with 6 hours of industry relevant training, plus you will gain more value from our course because:

  • Our small class size. Each class is limited to six (6) people so you get plenty of one-on-one teaching from our professional Barista.
  • Unlimited use of coffee beans and milk for your hands-on training.
  • Detailed course notes and instructions to take with you.
  • You receive a Certificate detailing everything you’ve learned on completion of the course.
  • A Free 2 Hour follow-up practice session including coffee & milk supplied (Valued at $70). Practice times are available after you attend the course Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm by appointment. Booking is essential.
  • Includes a FREE copy of our Home Barista Institute Coffee Art DVD valued at $35.
  • A one-on-one 1/2 Hour personal coaching session to assist you with job hunting, coffee making or cafe buying/building advice. To ensure personal attention, appointments are essential.
  • A personal recommendation and referral to recruitment agencies for work experience and job placement.
  • AND a Bonus Espresso Machine Purchase Rebate $150. You receive a $150 rebate on the purchase of any espresso machine package from us. This can be used for any of our domestic or commercial espresso machines.