Frequently Asked Questions about the Professional Barista Course

You might still have some questions and that’s fine… so here are many of the most frequently asked questions about the course here for you.

The course is held at the Home Barista Institute at Level 20, 41 Exhibition St, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000 Australia.

The most up-to-date list of dates can be found on the Workshop page.

We run the course once every month, sometimes more depending on demand.

Both sessions now on ONE DAY.

Session one is run on Saturday mornings 10:00am – 2:00pm.

Session two is run on Saturday afternoons 2:30pm – 4:30pm.

Be prepared for a jam-packed complete hands-on 6 hours that will change the way you experience coffee forever.

Your investment for this 6-hour course is $320… but it’s not a cost – it’s an investment.

This course is going to give you more knowledge about coffee making than you could think of. Plus, if you buy a machine package from us after you do the course, you get a rebate of $150 which practically makes the course free.

So you can’t lose either way. Plus you’ve got my 100% money back guarantee. Not only that, you also get the bonuses such as Professional Barista DVD (valued at $35), 2-hr FREE practice (valued at $220) and 1/2 hour 1-on-1 personal coaching with our trainer on coffee making, job hunting or café buying/building advice.

Yes. Remember that you have an extra 2-hour FREE practice session you can do after you complete the course. Simply ring us on 1300-462-633 to book a time.

During your additional practice session, our baristas will be around. Simply grab us and fire away with any questions you have.

Not only that, we also provide lifetime phone and e-mail support. All you need to do is ring and/or e-mail us if you get stuck. We will definitely get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Our head trainer is Rita Zhang – you can find out more about Rita Zhang from her online biography.

She is highly skilled and is passionate about coffee and teaching.

Rita has been a professional barista for nearly 6 years, and has owned & managed 3 successful cafes in Melbourne. She is also an accredited judge by AASCA# (Austral Asian Specialty Coffee Association).

Our team of trainers are professional baristas working in the café industry for many years. They
are passionate both about coffee and knowledge sharing.

#AASCA is the coffee association that holds both state and national competitions annually.

Yes, of course! We are so confident this course will give you exceptional value and we are giving you our money back guarantee. So there is absolutely no risk to you! Here is your 90-day 100% money back guarantee.

Your 100% money back guarantee
There is absolutely no risk to you! If you feel in any way information covered in this course has not increased your knowledge, confidence and skills in coffee making, we will cheerfully give you a full refund. No questions asked, no strings attached.

All you have to bring is an open mind and the willingness to learn. We’ll do the rest!

Course notes, stationeries, drinks, and snacks are provided in the class.

Frankly, it’s not. To qualify as an “accredited course” we would need to spend most of the time in class covering all the “theory”, which leaves little time to do the more important ‘hands-on practice’.

We believe and hope you’ll agree that “Coffee Making” has got to be ‘hands-on’.

You can’t learn these skills by reading books… and passing a classroom test does Not mean you can make coffee! That’s why we’ve decided to do things differently – making this course a ‘hands-on’ learning experience.

Look, don’t get me wrong, you will be taught the important essential ‘theory’ part of coffee making. In fact, you will be given detailed notes describing all the ‘theory’. But, we will dedicate at least 5 hours of the 6 hours for this course as time spent for you to do the hands-on work. So be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.

The course goes for 6 hours over 2 days: 4 hours on the first session and 2 hours on the second session.

We’ll spend about one hour going over the ‘theory’ part, which is coffee history, coffee beans, coffee process, and roasting process; also how to differentiate a good or bad coffee.

The course is two sessions and a total time commitment of 6 hours, of which 5 hours will be practicing.

Each student will have a machine to work on, and you’ll be grinding the coffee beans, loading up the coffee, tamping, making coffee, and creating coffee art. Then you’ll need to steam the milk to make your latte, cappuccino, machiato, etc. Be prepared to get real hands-on and make lots of coffee. Simply come and have FUN.

Yes, you will receive 2 personalised certificates at the completion of the classes, which outline a list of the skills you have learned in the 4-hour coffee making course (first session) and the 2-hour coffee art course (second session).

The certificates look really professional and in full colour so they are fit to be showed off, framed or use in your resume.

The Professional Barista Course will give you the basic knowledge needed to start your career in the coffee industry. And, if you are serious about being a professional Barista or opening up your own cafes in the future, we would definitely recommend you attend the course.

This course will give you the essential coffee making skills needed to create a professional standard “cuppa”.

Our more advanced “Café Entrepreneurs Bootcamp” will help you gain more knowledge to start your café venture.

It’s always exciting when it’s time to buy a coffee machine. It can also be confusing with a lot of brands and types of machines in the market to choose from.

By doing a course before buying a coffee machine will give you an insight into what you need to look for when you buy, especially what to look for in one that suits your need.

When you attend the Professional Barista Course with the Cafe Coach, you will get a chance to try all of our machines. That way, you will know which one is the best for you.

When you decide to buy from us, you get a $150 rebate too.

If you decide not to buy from us, the knowledge you’ve learnt is valuable, so either way, you win.

Excellent, you are going to have fun in the class with your friends while learning how to make
coffee at the same time.

We can start a private group class for you and your friends if you have at least 4 people to do the class with you. Having a private class means that only you and your friends will be in the
class and we can arrange a time to do it at your convenience.

For group discounts, phone us on 1300-462633 and we can discuss your needs.

Yes you can.

The Professional Barista course makes the perfect gift – may it be for a birthday, Christmas anniversary, Mother/Father’s day, farewell gift, or a thank you gift.

When you purchase the course as a gift, you don’t have to commit to any dates when you purchase and you’ll receive a gift voucher you can give to that someone special.

We can also issue the gift voucher with a timetable attached that way your friend can easily select a date that suits them best.

Absolutely, Yes!

We have many professional baristas attended this course and said to us that “I thought I knew everything about coffee making, but I’ve learned so much from this course”.

What value have other people gotten from the Professional Barista Course?

John & Cecil, from Cheltenham Melbourne says: We had an amazing 400% increase in coffee sales and increased $100,000 to our café in 6 months!

“We have a sandwich shop in Cheltenham Melbourne. Even though we increased our food sales by ten folds we were only selling around 1 kilo coffee per week (only about 20 cups a day).

We did a couple of free training sessions with our coffee supplier and with a few other training centres. We didn’t learn anything new and feel there must be some secrets to the whole coffee making process.

After attending the Café Coach course, we were excited about the new found coffee knowledge
and skills. We purchased a new 2-group coffee machine and started practising what we learnt.

By December, we were selling 5 times more coffee per week – that’s an amazing 400% increase! As a result, our food takings have also increased by 30%.

We had a business broker in recently & valued our business and were pleasantly surprised to be told that we have just increased $100,000 in a short space of 6 months! Thank you and this course is the best investment we’ve ever made!”

John & Cecil [Bay Diners] Bay Street, Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
(NOTE: John & Cecil sold their café for a 6-figure profit. They took a 6-month holiday and they have since purchased another café called “Gourmet Pantry” at shop 90, Brandon Park Shopping Centre, Wheeler’s Hill. You can talk to John on 0407 211 899.)

I have been working as a Barista for almost 5 years. And, I thought I knew everything about coffee making, That’s before I attended this course…

“When I was given a gift voucher to attend this Home Barista Course, I was sceptical that I
would learn anything at all.

When I came for the class at Home Barista Institute. I was astounded by what I learned in the class. The trainer was very knowledgeable. I learned a lot of crucial small things that could affect the espresso, thus influencing the whole taste of the coffee.

I also learned a lot about the difference of coffee beans, roasting process, and coffee history. The trainer’s passion in the coffee is demonstrated with his skills and attention to all students.

I left feeling satisfied with the new knowledges that I learned. I applied what I had learned the next day, and I was impressed by the improvement I made with my coffees. I even got compliments from some regular customers that the coffee tasted better.

I immediately enrolled two of my staff in the course so they can improve as well.

I would recommend anyone who loves coffee or works in the café industry to enrol in this course. It’s an investment for life.”

Ignatius [Café Delight] South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
(NOTE: Ignatius has since moved on in his career; you can talk to him on 0410 834 555.)