“We’re confident and we’re so passionate about what we do that we can’t stop smiling”

The team at La Crema Caffee owned by Cafe Coach student Jenny McLennan

I have never seen a shop this size and in such a remote area be SO ADVANCED!

Jenny McLennan – La Crema Caffe in Moranbah

This email came into my Inbox from Jenny McLennan who owns a cafe in a country mining town called Moranbah (population 4,000), that’s 2 hours drive from McKay, Queensland.

Hi Rita,

I’m still bursting with exciting and pride so I have to tell you our new story.

This afternoon when I had already finished work, a man came up to Jemma and spoke rather cockily said “Excuse me, Can I ask you a rude question?”
Jemma replied “Yeah go for it”

Awards won by La Crema Caffe owned by Cafe Coach student Jenny McLennanThe man announced his sales line “What would you say if I could teach you a thing or two on how to make good coffee.” Jemma with her confidence and humour retorted “I would laugh in your face”

The man continued to introduce himself as Bob and announced that he was a coffee trainer from Townsville, who leases great coffee equipment and has great coffee beans and services machines etc etc blah blah blah.

Jemma listened and without a blink of an eye said, “would you like to see our coffee area”. Of course Bob agreed.

Jemma displayed to Bob our beautiful coffee set up.

Bob was dumbfounded! He exclaimed “I have been doing this for 10YEARS and I have never seen a shop this size and in such a remote area be SO ADVANCED!!!”.

Jemma explained how we have already been trained by a professional.

Bob with all his professional experience couldn’t find any way to help improve us. He was impressed with all the little things that were laughable child’s play for us now – like the manual tamper, the proper cups, the grinder. He couldn’t even sell us his beans because we had already outsourced him.

As he turned around and started to walk away, he turned back around and with excitement offered “Who services your machine, how about I service your machine”

With a sweet proud smile Jemma replied “no sorry we service the machine ourselves!” What can I say! We rock!

This really goes to show how professional we have grown to be. A special thank you goes to you my dear friend and Café Coach Rita for helping us come so far. Me and Jemma are so AMAZINGLY PROUD, WE’RE CONFIDENT AND WE’RE SO PASSIONATE about what we do that we can’t stop smiling. Everyone this is the effect that Rita and her team can have on you.

La Crema Caffe, Shop 2b, Moranbah Shopping Fair, Moranbah, Queensland, Australia
Ph: 07 4941 8432

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