Early Bird Special

It’s Rita the Café coach here.

I just got off the phone with a café buyer from Sydney, who was very excited that he has just taken over a café for FREE…that’s right, for NOTHING!

The previously café owner went bankrupt and he walked into this near new café fully equipped with everything: the commercial kitchen, display fridges, coffee machines, tables and chairs, plates and cups the whole lot…worth at least $150,000. All he needs to do is open the door tomorrow and start collecting money!

Over the past few months, I have been inundated with calls from café owners complaining times are tough, sales are down, and cash is tight. Is it ready all dooming and glooming? What does it mean to you when you are looking at buying or starting a cafe?

The bad news is, many café businesses won’t make it!

The Good news is, with every crisis comes opportunity… but only for those who have the knowledge and know the secrets to café building strategies.


The 11 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make When Buying a Cafe or Coffee Shop


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One of my students told me that he bought a café for half of the listed price because the owner is tired, stressed and ready to walk out of the door! He’s been looking for opportunity like this for the past 6 months…

So here’s the GOOD NEWS for you…there are plenty of bargains out there if you know how to spot them, and know how to turn them around…you’re about to discover an easy way to buy and build your dream cafe business, quickly, easily and without any fuss, In fact, I guarantee to show you in One Intensive day on Saturday 17th June 2017, you will Discover How to Master the Most Valuable and Profitable Skill needed to Make Tens of Thousands of Dollars In Your Dream Café Business…

Here is the Café building Program I’ve put together to share my secrets…If you’d like to buy, start or sell your café at a profit, this course is going to be The most profitable and important thing you do all week, all month, maybe this year.

Here’s just a mere glimpse of what you’ll discover…

  • How much you should pay for a cafe, not just what the seller/business broker would like you to pay
  • What’s the industry Benchmark for cafes and why you need to know this
  • How to review and verify the figures even without the books
  • How to put together an offer and secure a hot deal
  • How to understand the jargons in the “Business for Sale” section such as 3x3x3, 5+5 lease. What does 15 kilos coffee mean? What’s wi/wo (walk in/walk out)?
  • How to read and understand a Trading Statement
  • How to negotiate an offer that allows you to back out of the deal in case you don’t like the cafe even after the trial period.
  • How to make money when you buy a cafe not when you sell
  • 10 Laws on buying a cafe
  • How much does it cost to set up your own cafe
  • Why negotiating a great lease will make you money even before you start trading
  • Why a bad lease term could cost you thousands of dollars
  • How one of my customers got 92 New Customers in 89 days spending only $440 and making $21,528 in Net Profit after all expenses!
  • How to apply some simple, effective and creative marketing strategies to boost your sales without spending thousands of dollars on ineffective advertising
  • How to make an extra $92,000 in the next 12 months!

…You also get a workbook chock full of examples so you can copy my moneymaking secrets. PLUS, swag of bonuses if you sign up early!

Here’s what one of our previous students said about the cafe workshop:

We just wanting to share the good news with you after last weekend’s Café Start Up workshop!

After negotiating with the leasing agent today, the landlord has agreed to contribute to our fitout costs in form of cash- equivalent to 3 mths rent. That’s a saving of $12,500 in rent…this has already paid for our flights to Melbourne, accommodation and for the workshop, many times over…And, they’ve also agreed to 5+7 lease term+option. The centre is now fully leased so although they can’t provide us the exclusivity of rights, they have reassured us that they’ve put restrictions for the other tenants to not supply goods n services beyond their scope.

We’re pretty happy with the outcome of the negotiation so we’ve decided to proceed with them.

Thanks for your advice, we can’t thank you enough. Many many thanks.

“With the knowledge we gained from the course we were able to confidently negotiate a cafe for below it’s listed value. We found relief with the understanding of how to negotiate through the legal procedures of a business structural setup. Now running our café for the last 12 months, we are glad that the takings of the business have increased by 30%.”

…Antje Jenssen, Down to Earth Coffee & Tea House, 308 Queens Pde, Clifton Hill, Melbourne.

(03)94822889, 0433 652 608

So here is your chance to book into our Cafe Start Up Workshop and learn the secrets and SAVE $500 Early Bird special!

When:          Saturday 17th June 2017, 9am to 6pm

Where:         Level 20, 41 Exhibition Street, Melbourne 3000

How much:  $895 per person, 2nd person $500 extra after Friday 28th April 2017.

Early Bird special: Enrol before 5pm, Friday 28th April 2017 you can bring your partner/friend FREE.

Bonus Gifts valued at $300:  As soon as you enrol, you will have immediately 2 x half hour one-on-one coaching sessions. So you can discuss with me cafes you are currently looking at, or on offer.

* YES! I want to Attend the Cafe Start Up Workshop in Melbourne on Saturday 17th June 2017

How To Enrol:

  • Ring Rita in the office on 1300 462 633
  • Click here to book online via our secure booking form and Paypal
  • Simply fill out the and post it to: The Cafe Coach, Level 20, 41 Exhibition St, Melbourne 3000
  • Free call Australia 1300 462 633. If calling after business hours, simply leave your details and we’ll return your call.

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Melbourne, Saturday 17th June 2017

$895 for the first attendee

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Dedicated To Increasing Your Profits,

Rita Zhang
The Café Coach & Home Barista Institute
Level 20, 41 Exhibition St, Melbourne 3000
Free call: 1300 462 633

PS. Remember when you enrol, you can use immediately your bonus gift of 2 half hour one-on-one coaching to help you buy and build your dream cafe. PPS. See below for what our student say about this workshop.

Here’s What Our Clients Say:

“I am a qualified chef and have been working in the industry for a while. I have learned so much during these 2 days. What I’ve learned the most is the KPI indicator (Key Performance Indicator) to measure a café and the formula how to value a café. I also learned what type of cash register to use and how to use the reports to manage a café more efficiently. The information in this workshop is invaluable.”

… Angela Robertson, Melbourne

**Café Coach’s note: I spoke to Angela after she took over the café. She told me that she has increased the takings of the business by 30%. She said the info learnt in the Bootcamp was extremely useful. 12 months after taking over the café, she tripled the sales. Recently when Angela sold her café, she was turning over 5 times than when she bought it for…and sold for a nice handsome profit! I won’t tell you how much she has made but if you speak to her, she will give you some idea…To speak to Angie, 0407830220

Little Chloe Cafe and Coffee Roasters

“I’ve been working in a café environment for nearly five years and have been managing a café for nearly 2 years. I thought that I knew everything about running and managing a café, and I was pretty confident to run my own. I was planning to buy into a café or starting one when I found out about café start up course.
I did the course since it was intriguing for me, and I thought I might be able to pick up something valuable that I had not known, otherwise I can always get my money back (with their money back guarantee). But, after doing the course I just realized that there were so many things I did not know, and so many aspects to look into prior to buying a café.
It was so complex and ‘tricky’ that some people, who do not have the knowledge, could simply walk into the trap and create a frustration out of their life, finding that they are not making any profit from the café. And, the course has shown me a lot of way to save money.
I was so thankful to Rita for her advice and knowledge she had given me to prevent me from losing tens of thousand of dollars and headache.
I suggest anyone who is serious about buying into a café should do unwanted loss of money and headache. It’s money worth investment.”

Ignatius Liauw, Little Chloe, 1810 Malvern Rd, Malvern East, Victoria, Australia

Mb: 0410 834 555

I moved from Melbourne to Gold Coast for a lifestyle change. I wanted to bring some Melbourne coffee culture to Gold coast. But I don’t have any experience in Café industry so I got advice and help from Rita. The most I’ve learned is the café industry Benchmark and the buying formula. I used Rita’s buying formula to measure the cafes I was interested in. Unfortunately, there were either overpriced or the rents were too high. After much searching and weighing up, I’ve decided not to pursue the café adventure. I found the information was helpful in reaching my decision. If I had bought a café without the knowledge and information, I probably would have got into a lot of stress and headache.
So my advice to any café novice is: do your research and planning before buying a café, get the information and knowledge. You need to do this before you buy into a café. Even if you decide not to pursue a café, it’s still a worthwhile investment, as it will save you headache and money

…Lotte Lawrence, Gold Coast, Queensland

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Melbourne, Saturday 17th June 2017

$895 for the first attendee

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