Cafe Entrepreneur Insights

Get Behind the Scenes of a Successful Profit Making Cafe

Currently own a cafe and want to grow it, you can benefit from one of the Cafe Coach programs. This information is going to be The most profitable and important information you do all week, all month, maybe this year.

Understanding the Cafe Owner’s Mindset for success

  • Real life stories of cafe owners and how they succeeded;

  • Why there is a high rate of cafe closures in the first year and how not to be one;

  • Whether you should give away FREE things;

  • The marketing mindset;

  • How you can live ‘above the line’ and take responsibility;

  • How to make more money and work less time in your café business

  • And much more!

Behind the Counter Business Secrets to Grow Your Cafe

  • What are the 5 areas I can grow my cafe?

  • How can I create partnerships that are successful?

  • Is it worth giving customers discounts?

  • What are the ways to find and convert new leads?

  • And much more

The Customer Services Tips that will grow your Cafe Profits

  • What are the downfalls of cafe layouts?

  • How many staff do I need?

  • How do I create the optimal cafe workflow?

  • How can i condition customers for price raises?

  • Are there tricks I can use to drive more traffic?

  • And much more!

Knowing the Numbers you need for a Profitable Cafe

  • The most popular CD in the series, explains the cafe industry benchmarks you need to know;
  • How to know that your cafe measure up against the benchmarks;

  • How much to pay for a cafe and tips on negotiations strategies

  • How to obtain 92 New Customers in 89 days spending only $440 and making $21,528 in Net Profit after all expenses!

  • How to get away from price competition;

  • And much more!