Cafe Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp In A Box

Get all the info from the Cafe Entrepreneurs Boot Camp with Australia’s famous “Cafe Coach” in the convenience of your car or home. 

Learn the Secrets that will Save or Earn you Tens of Thousands of Dollars.

Now you can get all the info from the Café Entrepreneurs Boot Camp with Australia’s famous “Café Coach” in the convenience of your car or home. And, learn the secrets that will save or make you 10′s of $1,000′s. 

Revealed for the very first time, you will be given insider information that very few people know or are willing to share!

That’s because, for the first time ever, these Secrets are exposed!

I’m going to hand them to you on a silver platter, every last details of them… so you can reap the rewards and profit!

No matter whether you are thinking of buying a café, starting your own, starting to make an offer, maybe you already own your coffee shop, or you are thinking of selling, these proven techniques and café systems guarantee…

  • You save money when buying
  • Make more money and work less when running a café
  • Improve sales and profit to enjoy your lifestyle
  • Sell your café at an unbelievable profit so you can take your dream holiday or buy your dream car

It sounds easy and incredible I know. 

But stay with me, and I’ll tell you why…

About Rita Zhang - Your Cafe Coach

Cafe Coach - Rita Zhang

Rita Zhang

Hi, my name is Rita Zhang. I came to Australia in 1988 from China. When I first arrived, I didn’t speak, read or write English very well. I had over 30 different jobs here and there before getting into my own business 14 years ago.

I have been in café industry for over 12 years.  I have owned and managed 7 different cafes. I bought, built and sold each at a profit.

I have helped over a hundred people to successfully buy, build and sell their coffee shops. 

My businesses have been featured in Australia National and local newspapers including the “The Age” newspaper Epicure section. I have a column in a number of local newspapers including industry magazine “Café Culture” and “Bean Scene”

And I speak on local radio as an expert for cafes and coffee shop owners.

Aside from the Café coach business, I have another business called “Home Barista Institute where there is an in-house café, a coffee-making training centre and a coffee machine and accessory retail section. 

I am a certified coffee judge for the Australian National Barista Championships with AASCA (AustralAsian Specialty Coffee Association)

Two of my hottest, most in demand topics and consulting specialties are — Cafe Entrepreneur’s Boot Camps and the one day Cafe Start Up Workshop — and we get rave reviews from the people who acquire and use my Systems and Strategies.

I’d like to tell you upfront that my qualifications are entirely “street acquired”. 

I have no formal academic credentials from the hospitality industry. 

I served no apprenticeship. 

However, I’ve spent over $100,000 on my education and business development. 

And I continue to spend at least $40,000 a year to stay current. I’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars in consulting fees learning from the best of the best in the café industry, as well as from my own experiences, mistakes and those of my students.

The reason I tell you this is not to brag about myself. 

I want to show you if someone from a different country, different culture, background, knew nothing about coffee or café industry can make it, and now teach the others how to do it, YOU can do it too!

Here's Why You Should Listen to My Advice

Reason #1: Experience

You are learning from someone who’s been there, done that but also helped many other people. 

The stuff you learn you can’t find it in any textbook and they are all real life experiences and lessons. 

They are 2 ways you can learn. 

One is to learn from your own mistakes. This can be very expensive and time consuming. 

The other way is to learn from someone who’s done what you want to achieve. 

This is a shortcut and smart way!

As Experienced International Business Woman, I Loved This Course!

Claire Hudson cafe entrepreneur and Cafe Coach student

I find the passion and commitment of the trainers are most interesting! I loved the course. It’s plain simple language, no jargon and cut through to the really important elements of a successful café… 

Rita and Ricky you had it all. 

Plus, there was more! You cared about our success and it showed. 

I would recommend this course to anyone who was interested in great coffee and /or the success in the café industry.

Claire Hudson, Balwyn, Melbourne

Reason #2: Connections

I’ve dealt with over a hundred business brokers and real estate agents; know the inside secrets that they desperately don’t want you to know. 

I will share those secrets so you can use these to your advantage when buying and selling.

Reason #3: Passion

I am passionate about helping you to achieve your goals and dreams by teaching you the effective strategies I use every day. 

Understand this…

I get a real kick out of helping people make money. I love it!

Amazing 400% increase!

Added $100,000 value to our cafe in 6 months!

We were selling around 1 kilo coffee per week (only about 20 cups a day) 6 months ago. 

After attending the course, we are now doing 5 kilos coffee per week (that’s 100 cups per day!). 

That’s an amazing 400% increase! 

We had our café valued by a business broker and have been told that we have just added $100,000 value to our café in 6 months! 


John & Cecil, Bay Diners, Bay Street, Cheltenham, Melbourne

Reason #4: Education

I’ve spent over $100,000 on my education and business development and I spend at least $40,000 a year to stay current. 

I got to learn from the best of the best in the café industry, as well as from my own experiences, mistakes and those of my students.

So, can we agree that this is a vital, critical money-making skill you must possess? Good!

The Hard Way

Do what I did. Spend 10 years and tens and tens of thousands of dollars on private consulting fees, courses and seminars; spending each day trying different marketing tactics, trying different coffee making techniques, analysing beans, milk, food costs, wages components, and speaking to hundreds of business brokers, real estate agents, and learning from the real world.

The Easy Way

Or you can take the short-cut approach… the INSTANT “Brain Dump” approach that force-feeds this information straight into your skull… and get my step-by-step, “this-is-how-you-do-it” process to make lots of money

This way, you really get this stuff, without the heavy price tag in time or money.

Here is the Café Boot Camp Program I’ve put together to share my secrets…

If you’d like to buy, start or sell your café at a profit, this information is going to be The most profitable and important information you get all week, all month, maybe this year.

Cafe Entrepreneur’s Boot Camps and One Day Cafe Start Up Workshops are normally held in Melbourne and Sydney. 

I know there will be some who can’t make it to Melbourne or Sydney to attend the 2-day Boot Camp or 1-day Workshop, or can’t come due to time restraint, or too busy running your business. 

That’s why I have recorded live the whole 2-day Boot Camp so you can now have all the information in the convenience of your home, café or car; have the added benefit of being able to listen several times; share them with your spouse, partner and key staff. 

This is actually a complete “TOOL KIT” – real tools you take and use in your café business.

Here's quick summary of what’s in the "Cafe Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp In A Box"…

Audio CDs, Session 1:

Café Industry Benchmark, Pre-Buy Formula & How Does Your Café measure against this benchmark

Audio CDs, Session 2:

How to Market and Grow Your Café Business

Audio CDs, Session 3:

Why having the right legal structure can cut your tax bill by $22,500

Audio CDs, Session 4:

Recruitment Group Interview System; Why having the right cash register can save you money and help you grow your business


Coffee Making and Coffee Art

Cafe Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp In A Box


You get – 4 CDs packed full of ‘real world’ cafe building information including;

​The Cafe Coach’s Pre-Buy Formula

129 Secrets to Growing Your Profits

How To Make an Extra $100,000 in The Next 12 Months

The Legals You Need That Will Save You Money

How to Recruit & Keep Super-Staff

… and more

plus BONUS DVD – Coffee Making and the Art of Coffee Design

Here’s a Small Glimpse of the Secrets you’ll Discover Inside the "Cafe Entrepreneur's Boot Camp In A Box" pack…

  • How much to really pay for a cafe; not just what the seller/business broker would like you to pay
  • Cafe Industry Benchmarks: how much you should pay for the rent, food costs, wages and most importantly, what your profit margin should be.
  • How does your café measure against this benchmark; Where and by how much you can improve your profit.

  • How to review and verify the numbers even without the books

  • How to understand the jargon in the “Business for Sale” section such as 3x3x3, 5+5 lease. 
  • What does 15 kilos of coffee really mean? 
  • What is wi/wo (walk in/walk out)?
  • How to read and understand a Trading Statement
  • How to negotiate an offer for a cafe that allows you to back out of the deal in case you don’t like the cafe even after the trial period.
  • How to make money when you buy a cafe not when you sell
  • 10 Laws of Buying a Cafe
  • 10 Laws of Selling a Cafe
  • How to put together an offer and secure a hot deal. How to negotiate an offer that allows you to back out of the deal in case you don’t like the cafe even after the trial period.
  • How much does it cost to set up your own cafe?
  • Why negotiating a great lease will make you money even before you start trading
  • Why a bad lease term can cost you thousands of dollars
  • How one of my clients got 92 New Customers in 89 days spending only $440 and making $21,528 in Net Profit after all expenses!
  • How to apply simple, effective and creative marketing strategies to boost your sales without spending thousands of dollars on ineffective advertising
  • How to make an extra $100,000 in the next 12 months!
PLUS Bonus Coffee Making DVD
  • How to create awesome coffees so your customers will come back time after time and refer your café like Crazy!
  • Gain an unfair competitive advantage by learning professional Coffee making secrets; Make your café THE Coffee hang out place in your street!

So if one piece of knowledge would have saved you thousands of dollars or made you thousands of dollars, would it be worth at least $750?

Admittedly, The CDs of the Boot Camp Aren’t Cheap! 

Quite Frankly… They Shouldn’t Be.

I admit it. The investment is not cheap. But it is highly specialised subject matter

And very advanced stuff

Sorry, but that’s the way it is. 

Because I invested a lot of time and work in preparing, and I reveal genuine “insider” information from my own business, that I’m not all that eager for every Tom, Dick and Harry to get. 

The investment is intended as a barrier to keep out those who really shouldn’t have it, and actually that’s to your advantage as well as mine.

PLUS, the full fee to attend the Boot Camp was $1,900 and it booked out quickly. But you do NOT need to invest $1,900. 

Since you were NOT there and since you could NOT ask your specific questions, since you missed out on “networking” with the other attendees, I could not look you in the eye with integrity and charge you the same as if you were there. Therefore, I’m willing to give you a “non-attendee” DISCOUNT and reduce your investment to just $750.

If you are already involved in the café business, the fee should represent a tiny fraction of your income. 

In fact, a couple of hundred cups of coffees sold will pay for the pack, you’ll probably make it in a day or two. So it’ll come back to you in spades from just a tiny boost in your income. 

And there’s much more to this than just making more money. 

There is the important matter of how the money is made. 

I will show you how to make your money  without you even being there in your café, with total control and peace of mind.

If you are just getting started or thinking of getting started, you’ll get down on both knees and thank me profusely for all the very expensive lessons I prevent you from having to learn the hard way. 

You’ll get a much, much faster start

Believe me, you’ll pay this fee fifty times over in struggles, mistakes and lost time if you don’t have this information.

If you do listen to the CDs (just once) it’ll be impossible for you to NOT pick up at least a “short list” of very useable – immediately useablestrategies to increase your income far, far in excess of the investment. 

You are probably going to have your eyes opened to entirely new, different, bigger and more exciting opportunities

Maybe a whole re-engineering of your current business, or the blueprint for transition to a new and better business. That may take time. 

But you are also sure to discover that “short list” you can convert to cash fast.

I am so confident this CD pack will give you exceptional value that I am giving you our money back guarantee. So there is absolutely no risk to you! 

Here is your 90-day 100% money back guarantee:

Our 90-day 100% Money Back Guarantee

There is absolutely no risk to you! 

This is exceptional value. So much so, that I personally provide an unconditional, 100%, no questions asked, no strings attached, money back guarantee.

In the unlikely event if you feel in any way the information covered in this pack has not increased your knowledge, confidence and skills in running your cafe, we will cheerfully give you a full refund. We even let you keep your Coffee Making DVD and bonuses.

But more importantly, I’ll give you a special, extra Guarantee…a Double Guarantee:

This Isn’t Some Ordinary Satisfaction Guarantee. I’ll Guarantee PROFITS.


This is our standard guarantee that comes with every product. 

But beyond that, I’ll add 9 more months, for a total of 12 FULL MONTHS, conditional…

12 Full Month Double Guarantee

I guarantee you make at least $10,000.00 by using the strategies in this CD Pack – or your money back. 

And here’s the only condition.

If, at the end of a full 12 Month from your purchase, you want a refund, just show me proof that you did something, anything, used one System or strategy, and look me in the eye (on paper) and tell me that you didn’t put at least ten thousands of dollars in the bank that you wouldn’t have otherwise, and I’ll refund every penny you paid.

So I argue this CD Pack costs you nothing. But there is an investment. Here, you’ve got stuff that absolutely works! And the entire investment is just $750.

If you’re in business, you know $750 doesn’t buy much advertising – and it’s easy to WASTE that on just one ill-fated ad or marketing ‘idea.’ Make this investment today – I guarantee you’ll be very glad you did.

If you see this as a “fit” for you, I urge you to IMMEDIATELY complete the Order Form THIS MINUTE.

Here are just a Few of the Hundreds of Testimonials I Received

30% Increase in Coffee Sales in Two Weeks

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help and expertise, by helping me realise my coffee blend was too strong and offering an alternative milk company. In just two weeks I was able to add an extra 3 kilos of coffee sales per week to my business – that’s almost 30% increase. What made this process so simple was that we are now selling more coffee to our existing customer base than ever before.  We look forward to increasing another 3 kilos per week as we continually build and attract new customers. I highly recommend Café Coach to all cafe owners looking to increase sales simply quickly and easily. 

Peppi Angelucci, Cafe Lucci

A Complete Turnaround in less than 18 Months

When we first bought our cafe, we were overwhelmed by the problems we’d ‘inherited’ regarding its general operation and we didn’t know where to begin in fixing it all. 

The business was hugely overstaffed by disgruntled people, the cost of goods was over 40% of turnover, and the overall running of the business was chaotic at the best of times! 

So we sought the information from the Café Coach. We started to implement the information. 

We started on staffing issues, suppliers, menu ideas, shop fit out and on the efficient ‘day-to-day’ running of the business.

18 months later we have great staff, great food and coffee, our customers are impressed by our menu and quality, and we feel that we are now in control of our business. 

Our coffee is fantastic and we have increased our sales from 8kg per week to 16kg plus per week! 

Our turnover has increased by over $1000 per week. Plus we are receiving a great income!

Peter & Joanne Jones, Sundried Café, Mornington

Kevin Lin cafe entrepreneur and Cafe Coach student

We doubled our coffee sales in one year and added 20% increase to our takings…

We bought our café not knowing anything about the café industry. We had a lot of problems when we took over the shop. We felt exhausted, stressed and unhappy. Mostly we felt out of control. That was when we asked for expert’s help. We got information from the Café Coach straight away. We learned how to hire and fire staff, re-design our menu, got new supplier details and improve the workflow.

It’s been more than one year. We now have happy staff and customers and work is fun. We have doubled our coffee sales in this time and our weekly taking has increased by 20%.

Kelvin & Ju-Fen Lin, Café Avist, North Melbourne

The Confidence Alone is Worth the Investment

I just thought I’d drop you a line and say I have received my pack.

I’m very happy with what I have received so far, the info I have seen cements a lot of things I’ve learned through previous business experience and study, and I’m feeling much better about going in to business than I did before I received your pack.

If anything, besides the valuable tips and information, the confidence alone is worth the investment and I am absolutely delighted with your service. 

I look forward to being in touch again by way of a coffee making training session or by using my coaching gift voucher – but I will wait until things progress for me with a suitable location, etc.

Kirsty Eyles, Adelaide, South Australia

This is valued at thousands of dollars not to mention the time you save!

I’ve spent hundred of hours in the last 5 years compiling and fine tuning the details of the Cafe Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp and I hand it all to you without any reservation!

So let’s take a look in detail again.

Here is what you get…

Purchased SeparatelyYour Pack
Audio CDs, Session 1: Café Benchmark, Pre-Buy Formula & How Does Your Café measure against industry benchmark$250Included
Audio CDs, Session 2: How to Market and Grow Your Café Business$250Included
Audio CDs, Session 3: Why having the right legal structure can cut your tax bill by $22,500$250Included
Audio CDs, Session 4: Recruitment Group Interview System; Why having the right cash register can save you money$250Included
Bonus Coffee Making DVD$55Free Bonus
Total Value:$1,055$1,055
Your Investment: $750
Total Savings: $305

So what are you waiting for? If you are serious about make your café successful, then here’s your answer.

Café Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp In A Box


4 CDs packed full of real world’ cafe building information

  • The Café Coach’s Pre-Buy Formula

  • 129 Secrets to Growing Your Profits

  • How To Make an Extra $100,000 in The Next 12 Months

  • The Legals You Need That Will Save You Money

  • How to Recruit & Keep Super-Staff

  • … and more

plus BONUS DVD – Coffee Making and the Art of Coffee Design

Or CALL NOW on 1300-223326 (1300-Cafe-Coach) to place your order

Dedicated To Increasing Your Profits,

Rita Zhang
The Café Coach
Level 20, 41 Exhibition St
Melbourne 3000
Free call: 1300-223326 (1300-Café-Coach)

PS. Remember, you risk nothing by ordering right now as your investment is 100% guaranteed. However, you can WIN big time by applying the ideas in the CD pack. Just ONE idea maybe all it takes for you to save thousands of dollars or make you tens of thousands of dollars. If you’re serious about your sea change, serious about living life on your own terms, serious about learning “The Most Valuable Café Skill Ever”… then I urge you to act now, not later!