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New to the Cafe Industry? Thinking About Buying a Cafe? ...feeling anxious?

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I thought that I knew everything about running and managing a café

“I’ve been working in a café environment for nearly five years and have been managing a café for nearly 2 years. I thought that I knew everything about running and managing a café, and I was pretty confident to run my own. I was planning to buy into a café or starting one when I found out about café start up course.

I did the course since it was intriguing for me, and I thought I might be able to pick up something valuable that I had not known, otherwise I can always get my money back (with their money back guarantee). But, after doing the course I just realized that there were so many things I did not know, and so many aspects to look into prior to buying a café.

It was so complex and ‘tricky’ that some people, who do not have the knowledge, could simply walk into the trap and create a frustration out of their life, finding that they are not making any profit from the café. And, the course has shown me a lot of way to save money.I was so thankful to Rita for her advice and knowledge she had given me to prevent me from losing tens of thousand of dollars and headache. I suggest anyone who is serious about buying into a café should do unwanted loss of money and headache.

It’s money worth investment.”

Ignatius Liauw
Owner of Little Chloe Cafe
1810 Malvern Road, Malvern East, Victoria, Australia

11 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Buying a Cafe or Coffee Shop

The 11 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make When Buying a Cafe or Coffee Shop!

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Rita Zhang Cafe Coach as seen on SBS TV Small Business Secrets

Hi, my name is Rita Zhang. I have been in café industry for over 10 years. I have owned and managed 6 different cafes and bought, built and sold each at a profit. My businesses have been featured in Australia national and local newspapers, including the “The Age” Epicure section. I have a regular column in a number of local newspapers and written for industry magazines – “Café Culture” and “Bean Scene”. I speak on local radio as an expert for cafes and coffee shop owners.

You’ve probably heard of me or read some of my café building material. I have helped hundreds of people to successfully buy, build and sell their coffee shops. Buying a cafe is not only nerve wracking but statistics also back up the fact that the cafe industry is a very difficult one, especially for new cafes. 95% of cafe owners don’t even know these statistics:

  • FACT: According to industry statistics, 70% of Cafés fail in the first year. Yet many of the lucky 30% who made it to their second year don’t even know what they did right.

  • FACT: Cafés change hands on average every 2-3 years. Anecdotal evidence suggests that in major cities in the Central Business District where competition is fierce, it is every 12-18 months.

  • FACT: Over 50% of businesses for sale in the newspaper are food-related. This indicates the level of fierce competition and the tough nature of the hospitality industry.

Now you know! Think about what this could mean for your cafe. There are many things to know about lease terms and how to save money in tax before buying a cafe. Will you get the cafe of your dreams? Will you be the cafe owner that survives for more than 12 months?

5 Reasons Why my advice will Work for You -

  1. I’ve spent over $100,000 on my education and business development plus spend at least $40,000 a year to stay current, so you don’t have to.
  2. I’ve dealt with over a hundred business brokers and real estate agents; know the inside secrets that they desperately don’t want you to know which will give you the upper hand in negotiations.
  3. You are getting the experience and knowledge from someone who’s been there, done that. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong for me; I survived and grew even better more successful businesses. I help you avoid all the difficulties and shortcut to success.
  4. You are going to learn from someone who walks the talk.
  5. I am passionate about helping you to achieve your goals and dreams by teaching you the effective strategies I use every day.

Making Big Money in a Cafe is No Longer About Making Great Food

Making big money in a cafe is NO LONGER about making great food or operating the café. EVERYONE CAN DO THAT!

It’s about buying a cafe under the right circumstances and how you do the marketing of your business.

I know this shouldn’t be true, but it is. You can fight it and go broke OR you can CHANGE! The choice is yours.

Once make this giant mindset shift, you are already one step ahead of your competitors.

Still don’t believe me? Here’s a story from one of my clients who Lost A Deal They’d Been Working On For Months. I don’t want you to be that person!

When you are ready to get tips on how to buy your dream cafe at a great price … Get the 11 Mistakes Most People Make When Buying A Cafe report below.

The 11 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make When Buying a Café or Coffee Shop!

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When you discover the secrets about how to market your cafe business and apply these ideas, you are guaranteed to knock the socks off your competitors! and this Free Report explains how.