“I completed the Café Coach – Café Entrepreneur’s Boot camp two weeks before the opening of my shop in Torquay. The Boot Camp was a real eye opener for me, as I had no experience in running a coffee shop.

When I opened the shop, I used one of Rita’s tips on “How to get news customer to your door” by distributing coffee cups to local retail shops, workers and residents. We had an amazing response – almost 75% of people took up the offer and this brought a lot of new customers in a short space of couple of weeks. Out of the people coming in and tried our food drinks and service, half of them become regular customers.

When I decided to advertise in the local newspaper, Rita helped to critique the ad by pointing out the importance of a good catchy headline and a strong enticing offer to get people in.

During the 6 weeks campaign, we had many locals came in as a result. In the last 3 month, our café also had 2 local newspaper editorial write-ups and this again has brought many new faces to our café.

Customers often comment that we make the best coffee in Torquay. We are proud to be able to provide quality coffee to Torquay community. We look forward to our peak season in summer.

It’s hard work running a café and you face different problems every day. It’s great to know that we are getting Rita’s ongoing support and advice. Whether you are currently in the business, or even just thinking of starting, having expert’s advice like the Café Coach is definitely worthwhile.”

Andy Brett C Room, Shop 20, Surf City Plaza, 61 Surf Coast Highway, Torquay, Victoria, Australia