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Buying Your First Cafe (or next one!)

Whether you’re getting started for the very first time or you’re expanding your business, buying your next cafe – the Cafe Coach has advice to help you do it right. From understanding financials to creating staff rosters and everything in-between.


Running & Growing a Cafe

The Cafe Coach has guidance and strategies for getting the most out of your team, location, menu and behind-the-scenes admin. So whether it’s the daily running of your cafe or future planning for expansion – there are ways to get through and succeed.


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11 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make when Buying a Cafe or Coffee Shop

The 11 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make When Buying a Café or Coffee Shop
  • Insider know-how you need to avoid becoming a café failure statistic

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  • How to put $50,000 in your back pocket …Fast!

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Rita Zhang: Australia’s #1 Cafe Coach

Whether you are new to the cafe industry and need to learn how to run a cafe, currently own a cafe and want to grow it, or have a cafe and want to sell, you can benefit from one of Rita’s Cafe Coach programs. 

If you are looking for some simple barista training click here. Rita can help you learn how to succeed in the cafe industry today!

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How To Manage Staff Effectively

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Praise for the Cafe Coach

Here are a few of the stories past Cafe Coach students have shared about their journey to becoming Cafe Entrepreneurs.